Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kelley Armstrong--one of the best

Kelley Armstrong has been one of my favorite authors for a while now. I read Bitten, the first in her Otherworld series, while we were on vacation camping in the cool redwood forest of the Santa Cruz mountains. Since the story takes place mostly in the cool forest of upstate New York, it provided great atmosphere.

Last year, I wrote to Kelley through her website (linked on the Fun Links page) to ask if she gave out promotional items to booksellers as many authors do. In my email, I mentioned that my teenage daughter also loves Kelley's newer YA series. I got a reply from Kelley's sister, Alison, who manages the marketing end of things. She asked for my daughter's name and said Kelley wanted to send something special to her. When I got my Otherworld goodies, included was a bookplate for my daughter's copy of The Summoning inscribed to her and signed by Kelley.

She's a savvy kid, so it's hard to elicit innocent wonderment from her, but that did it. She was so thrilled that a Real Author would personalize something to her. I wish I had taken a picture of her face. She just stared at it as if she didn't believe what she was seeing. The only other time I have seen that look on her face was when she received a Hogwarts letter (I made) when she turned eleven. The bookplate is now one of her prized possessions.

So Kelley (and Alison), if you ever need a favor, I owe you one.

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