Monday, January 18, 2010

The Last Word

This is the night before the special Senate election in Mass. I live in California, so my only interest in this race is how it affects the party balance in the Senate.

Tonight Jon Stewart skewered Democratic candidate Martha Coakley for lack of style in campaigning, then turned around and poked Mass. voters for preferring style over substance (we thought they liked liberals--turns out they like good-looking men).

Why is Jon Stewart suddenly taking the Joan Rivers style chair? Is the last thing he wants to leave voters with the fact that Martha Coakley's gladhanding skills could be better? Of all the substantive differences between the two, he wants to talk about sports knowledge? Not Martha Coakley's record as (a popular) Attorney General? Not all the money that's been pouring in from Wall Street and health insurers to Brown? Not Brown's suggestion that Obama was born out of wedlock? Not his affiliation with the wingnuts and Tea Partiers?


Yes, sure Democrats have to start pushing harder. They shouldn't need a supermajority just to get some watered-down insurance reform. But it is what it is, and right now, that's what it is.

Supermajority or not, would you ever want a Scott Brown over a Martha Coakley? You want to send a message? Here's a good one, courtesy of Shoq:

"...only voting can prevent your nation from sliding right back into the right wing, corporate dominated, science hating, pluralism fearing, gay bashing, infrastructure ignoring, education slashing, marriage mashing, arts crushing, book burning, war mongering, bigoted cesspool of greed and self-destructiveness that you hoped it was finally crawling out of.
"1 January 17, 2010

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