Friday, February 12, 2010

Preemptive Strikes Updates

Preemptive Strike is my name for when Republicans accuse Democrats of things that they, the Republicans are themselves doing (cf John Ensign/President Clinton/Adultery). I am also including those WTF moments that happen when Republicans say up is down.

Paul Ryan accusing the Obama White House of a secret fascist agenda
This week Rep Rep Paul Ryan (the budget guy) said he voted for the bank and auto bailouts even though he didn't really approve of them because he knew that if he didn't, the recession/depression would have been much worse. That sounds quite sensible until you realize that his worst case scenario is not about greater hardship, fewer jobs, or even lost productivity. It's about preventing Obama from getting the economic disaster he needed to be able to suspend laws and create a police state. He knows this because he read Liberal Fascism.

Curses, Obama is foiled again! And he tried so hard to kill democracy! Heaven knows his predecessor did much of the job for him, yet Obama still couldn't get it right.

Republicans and the little guy--WTF?
Daily Show--John Oliver interviewed Republican delegates at a party meeting in Hawaii (definitely worth seeing if you missed it). The party line--we know because several delegates practiced it on Oliver--is that Republicans are the party of the middle class and Democrats represent the "moneyed elite."

This is some kind of promotion for the new Alice in Wonderland movie, right?

Sarah Palin tells tea partiers what to do: refuse to listen to liberals telling you what to do.

Add your own!

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