Saturday, July 24, 2010

P2 Meme: Math

Republicans are bad at math:

They claim that the Stimulus Bill did not provide economic benefit when it did
They claim that Social Security is going broke when it is not
They favor unpaid tax cuts while claiming to want to reduce the deficit
They oppose measures that actually would reduce the deficit (see previous post)
They oppose unemployment benefits based on cost when unemployment benefits generate more economic benefit than cost
They wrote a budget with no numbers in it
They claim that 1000 attendance at RO10 is more than 2100 at NN10
(add your own here)

It's one thing for Republicans to try to rewrite history, but math is not subjective. The Republican tendency to make up a new story when the facts don't suit them is disastrous when applied to math and economics, as we saw when the economy crashed.

Democrats are willing and able to work with what the numbers really are, and that is the only way to rebuild the nation's economy. Despite well-organized and well-financed conservative opposition, the Democrats have improved the economy, especially for the middle class.


Vote Democratic in November to continue the progress or don't vote and watch the country go back to fantasy economics thanks to conservatives who can't--or won't--do the math.

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