Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grow Up Already

I am so sick of hearing:

I don't have kids. Why should I pay for schools when I get no benefit?
I didn't get the carpet dirty. Why should I vacuum it?
Why should I pay for museums I don't go to?
Why do I have to go?
I don't want biodegradable chip bags! They're too noisy!
Because the trash can is way over therrrre!
Why do I have to subsidize sick, disabled, and unemployed people?
Why do I have to be around old people? They smell funny.
Taxes are tyranny!
I have to use my own money????

My two kids are in high school. At one time or another, each one has said (whined) the things in blue. They wouldn't dare say any of those things today. They know better. We have taught them the principles of taking care of themselves, paying their own way, and helping those less fortunate.

We don't have any greater "sense of community" in our lives than other suburbanites--probably less because we don't attend church. And yet my teens are already better citizens than the greedy and immature people whose miserly sense of worthiness stops at their own front gate.

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