Saturday, August 28, 2010

DNC Commercials

Democratic commercials are playing in my head, so this is a brain dump of one of them. Please feel free to use any or all ideas here to support Democratic candidates. This is one way to promote "it could have been worse:"

Visual: 1930s breadlines
VO: The stock market crash of 1929 left the country devastated. During the Great Depression that consumed the next decade, there was 20% unemployment.

Visual: juxtaposition of George Bush and a chart showing stock market from 1925 to 2008 with lines for first and second standard deviations below average. This chart will show 1929 and 2008 both below the second standard deviation and no other year remotely close.
VO: In 2008, George W. Bush left the country in a state of economic devastation not seen since the crash of 1929. We all feared another Great Depression.

Visual: Obama juxtaposed with chart comparing economy with ARRA and projected arc without ARRA
VO: President Obama's economic recovery act prevented another Great Depression by creating jobs and putting money directly into the economy just when it was most needed.

Visual: from the recent celebration of profit in the auto industry
VO: Thanks to our federal government, Detroit is stronger than ever and paying us back with interest. Thousands of jobs were saved.

Visual: teacher in classroom juxtaposed with firefighter
VO: Thanks to Democrats in Congress, thousands of state jobs were saved, protecting our safety and our children's education

Visual: montage of ribbon cutting ceremonies featuring Congressional Dems
VO: From California to Maine, from Alaska to Florida, we're all better off because of Democratic economic policies to put money into the economy. We can't recover overnight, but....

Visual: dissolve to gear shift knob shifted forward
VO...we know we're going the right direction

Video of Obama doing the "D to move forward, R to Reverse" speech, quick shift to candidate pic.
Text over: Keep us moving forward. Vote for [candidate]

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